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Harmon Brewery and Restaurant – Tacoma, WA

November 7, 2009

It was a beautiful sunny November Sunday, a rarity in Seattle.  A perfect day to drive the 30 something miles to Tacoma to visit one of our favorite Northwest Brewpubs, Harmon Brewery. Located in the heart of downtown Tacoma’s revitalized Museum and University District it is a perfect place to sit back and enjoy good beer, food and friends.


E and a Seasonal Sampler on a Ski

Once in side, you will feel very comfortable  They have a Ski Lodge atmosphere complete with ski lift and plenty of old time mountaineer memorabilia, even Eddie Bauer would approve.  They have very friendly staff, and Lisa is the best bartender.   They have daily specials including all day  Happy Hour on Sundays.

They offer two beer samplers, their flagship beers and their seasonal selections.  On this trip, we chose the seasonal, finished of with a pint of their IPA.

Beer Sampler:

Vienna Lager – It looks like a typical lager but was anything but.  It was Fruity, sweet and had  more hops than your average lager.

ESB (on cask) – Lisa gave this one to us as  bonus, and were glad she did.  A very smooth english bitter with a nice malt an hop flavor.

T-Town Brown – A hue of coffee aroma and a nice dark brown color. Very smooth malty, nutty and a hint of coconut

T-Town Brown Macadamia Nut – Very similar to the Brown but a lot fuller with more complex flavor.  You can really taste and enjoy the nut and roasted malt flavor.

Vanilla Porter – A nice dark beer with a sweet aroma.  The first taste is the hops that mellow into a nice malt and vanilla finish. A great dessert beer.

Barley Wine –   Magnificent like the great octopi from the straits. (Lush C) Lighter and not as sweet as most Barely Wines it is very manageable, this could make it very dangerous.   It has a well balance  toasty flavor and  with just enough Hops.

Point Defiance IPA – This beer has a huge hop aroma and big hop flavor, yet perfectly balnced with a light malt flavor.  A very classic NW IPA.

by Lush C

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