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Astoria, Oregon – Night 2

December 2, 2009

by Lush C

After a day of visiting family in Long Beach, Washington we were ready to go Rogue.  Earlier in the day we attempted to got to Long Beach’s only Brewpub the Grey Parrot, but it was closed, even though the sign said open.  We we’re a little disappointed.  A few years ago we were there and really didn’t enjoy it.  We recently met some folks that raved about it, so we were intrigued into trying it again.

Rouge Ale Public House

Upon our return to Astoria we went straight to the Rogue Public House.  About one and half miles east of downtown, it is an easy walk via a river front trail. It is located in the 132 year old Hanthorn building on Pier 39 , in what was once a Bumble Bee Tuna Cannery.   They have a nice outdoor area where you can enjoy the sites and sounds of California Sea Lions swimming and lounging on rocks in the river.  The interior is what you’d expect form an old cannery, just a large warehouse with ample seating and decent size bar.  It is definitely not pretentious, just very simple and comfortable.  They have typical pub fare, and a wonderful selection of Rogue Ales and Spirits.  We were lucky enough to show up on the day of  their “Garage Sale” and and received good deals on some cool Rouge-ware.

Hint: If you need some caffeine before or after your visit to Rogue try Coffee Girl located just inside the same building.

Beer Sampler:

Sesquicentennial Ale, a Northwest Amber brewed in honor of Oregon’s 150th year of Statehood – Cloudy orange with a mild aroma. Very floral with a smooth malt finish. The first taste is a bit of a “wow that’s bitter”, but it follows with a smooth buttery finish.

Hazelnut Brown Nectar – Light brown with a nutty aroma. Smooth, malty, with a rich nutty flavor.  This is one of Lush C’s all time favorites.

Mocha Porter – We were given a FREE taster of the Mocha Porter to drink along with the Hazelnut Brown. This was a great experience, and should be tried.  The Porter is dark with a coffee and chocolate aroma. By itself, it is rich, malty, with a mocha flavor and a creamy finish.  If you follow it with a sip of the Brown, all the flavors collide and really highlight a creamy, vanilla finish. I loved it.

Yellow Snow IPA – FREE taster.  Golden in color with a citrus aroma.  Hoppy with a hint of citrus and a peppery finish.  Tasted much better than I’d expect it’s namesake would.

XS Imperial Stout – Deep Dark in color with a sweet aroma. Rich, malty, and sweet, with a hint of alcohol. One very full Stout.

Upon finishing the Stout, which we shared, we paid up and headed back downtown.  We made a quick stop at the hotel, and then walked to Fort George for dinner and a pint.

Going Rogue - by Lush C

Fort George Brewery and Public House

Beer Sampler:

Vortex IPA – Opaque golden with a sweet floral aroma.  Sweet and hoppy, but not to bitter.  Leaned more towards an Imperial IPA

Drunkin Pumpkin – Lush C liked this so much the night before, she had another. See Astoria, Oregon- Night 1

It was a long day, so we decided to through in the bar towel early.  We headed back to the room, watched a little TV and went to bed.  The next morning, we woke up, had some waffles, packed up the car, and headed home.  We know we will visit Astoria again, and recommend it for a quick one or two night getaway.

Disclaimer: is not affiliated with any of the businesses listed in this post.  Unless otherwise mentioned, all items were purchased and paid for by

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