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Trip to the Fridge: Fish Brewing 10 squared Anniversary Reel Ale

February 12, 2010

Brought to you by the number 10. Fish Brewing’s 102 Anniversary Reel Ale is packed full of 10 types of hops, 10% ABV and 100 IBU. Originally brewed as their 10th Anniversary Beer, this beer was so popular that they had to bring it back. They were jumping out of the bar at an alarming pace while I was there, so I had to net me one.

Drinking it was a pleasure. I can see why there was such a demand to bring it back year after year. There is just so much to tantalize your taste buds in this beer; from the sweet malt to the multitude of hops. It is billed as a Barley Wine and at first I didn’t see it. My first thought was that it was an Imperial Red, but as it warmed up, the oak and alcohol were more pronounced, and I could see that it truly was a Barely Wine. The only problem now will be finding another. I may just have to wait until fishing season next year.

Brewery Description

It began as a one-off ale commemorating our tenth anniversary

Public demand turned it into an annual event in Craft Brewing.

Ten varieties of hops.

One hundred IBU’s. Smooth.

Look sharp-

Here comes 10 Squared!

Good Beer Trips Description

Color: Red
Clarity: clear
Head: Thin cream colored
Aroma: Sweet, with a floral and piney hops
Body: Medium Bodied
Flavor: Sweet, malty, and hoppy
Finish: big bouquet of floral , citrus, and piney hops, mellowing out with a hint of oak and alcohol. (the warmer it got, the more pronounced the oak was.

Consensus: If you like big, sweet, hoppy beers get it, if you can.

Beer Advocate Review

RateBeer Review

FTC Information: No, GoodBeerTrips does not have a fishing license, nor is it affiliated with Fish Brewing. This beer was caught and purchased by GoodBeerTrips.

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