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Trip to the Fridge: Ninkasi Oatis Oatmeal Stout

February 24, 2010

I was making a trip to the beer fridge the other night and asked Lush C if she wanted anything.   She said, “bring back something smoky”.  Looking at all the options, it was clear that Ninkasi Oatis Oatmeal Stout was the closest I had to a smoky beer.  Yet another bottle I picked up in December while in Seaside. My thoughts on it were that it is OK, but not as robust as I expected, or as smooth as it looked. I’d give another shot for sure, especially if on tap. Ooh, I wonder if nitro would do the trick? Lush C liked it,  thinking it was tasty, but it just wasn’t good for her headache.  Obviously we will need to try this one again, too bad it is a Seasonal.

Bottle Description
A rich complex oatmeal stout with just enough hops to balance the copious quantities of dark roasted malts, and the addition of for a creamy smooth drinkability.

The ancient Sumerians worshiped the beer they made, and praised the goddess Ninkasi for the miracle of fermentation. Beer is a staple of civilization. Worship the goddess.

Good Beer Trips Description

Color- dark black, thick creamy  tan head
Aroma- sweet, alcohol, coffee
Body- medium bodied, lighter than expected
Taste – sweet, chocolatey
Finish- bittersweet chocolate, lingering dark roasted malt.

Consensus: Try it when it is available

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