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Odin Brewing Company – Seattle, WA (#205)

March 21, 2010

Odin Dlivery - by DraughtE, 2010

For those that missed it, Odin Brewing opened their Taproom for the first time Friday night in South Park. It was a beautiful day for them to roll up the garage doors and open their brewery to the public.  Lush C and I were on hand for this momentous occasion, as were Dave from Urban Beer Hikes,  WineyS and the Damn Dane (from our Olympics trip fame.)

The Taproom is located right inside the brewery, allowing you a great view of the equipment. They have  given the area a nice living room feel with a TV, carpet squares, love seat, comfy chairs, coffee table, artwork and book shelves of growlers.  Throw in the cooler full of beer and it sounds like the ultimate bachelor pad to me.  They plan to be open every Friday form 3pm -7pm, with the potential of expanding in the future.  There were no dogs on hand on last night, but they hope to be dog friendly soon.

Bachelor pad -by DraughtE, 2010

Everyone there was very friendly and seemed very glad we were all there.  They laid out a nice spread of sausage, cheese,  veggies and nuts for all to enjoy.  Rae was the first to welcome us,  introduce herself,  and offer us our first sampling .  We also met Dan, one of the owners, who encouraged us to  walk around and look at the brewery and make ourselves at home. We even got the chance to meet Brian the Head Brewer , as he poured us our second offering.  Being the rock star of the evening, he was surrounded by screaming fans, so we weren’t able to get real close and talk to him.

Head Brewer Brian, with Klaus (is this 2,240 for him?) -by DraughtE, 2010

On this occasion, all the samples were FREE.  They were pouring two beers;  their newest creation Freya’s Gold along with Odin’s Gift.  We’ve had Odin’s Gift before, and really liked it, so we started of with Freya’s.  It is a nice light Kolsch style Ale. At about 4.5% it is going to be a great refreshing summer session beer.  Everyone enjoyed it, even WineyS who isn’t a beer drinker. Dave came to the event planning to take a home a growler of Odin’s Gift, but after one taste of Freya’s he changed his mind.

Odin’s Gift Ruby Ale was as good as I remembered.  It has a nice smooth malt, grain,and  nut flavor with a subtle hop finish.  Not too malty or sweet, and just enough hops and juniper to give a very well balanced and clean finish.  It was so good that we had to take a growler of it home with us.

We had a great time at Odin’s, and I look forward to visiting this Taproom again, and again.  It is a wonderful addition to the Seattle brewery scene. I encourage you stop by some Friday and take a look for yourself.  You’ll be met with great hospitality, and some very fine and quaffable beers.



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