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Fremont Brewing Company – Seattle, WA

April 17, 2010

Fremont Brewing Company is a rising star on the Seattle Brewery scene. Their Totonac Bbomb Barrel-Aged Strong Ale was not only our favorite, but the People’s Choice Winner for the evening session at this year’s Washington Beer Commission Cask Festival. With such success, it’s hard to believe that they tapped their first keg less than a year ago.

Located in a warehouse in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, they are primarily a production brewery. However, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday they roll up their doors and open their Urban Beer Garden. What is a Urban Beer Garden you ask? Well, it is simply a long table with keg benches surrounded by booths and bench seating reclaimed from the historic Red Door; right in the heart of the brewery. It is a very cool and relaxing place to enjoy a beer and meet with friends. Since it’s just a taproom, they do not server food. Although, they do offer free pretzels and encourage you to bring your own food. They even have a large selection of local delivery and takeout menus. Best of all, it is kid and dog friendly.

From the get go, we have thought Fremont’s beer has been top notch. Everything has been well balanced, true to the style, and very enjoyable. On tap this evening was the following: (Courtesy of

1. Solstice Pale Ale: Our Summer Seasonal launch! Be among the first to enjoy our summer offering.  An easy-drinking, gorgeous pale, made with primarily Amarillo hops. Not quite as light as Miller High Life but thirst-quenching nonetheless. $4/pint.
2. Little Woody: Universale Pale, aged on medium-toast American oak. $5/pint.
3. Abominable Ale: roasty, chocolatey, malt flavors balanced by subtle hoppy spice. Special price: 12 oz goblet for $4.00!
4. Nitro Universale: Creamy head Universale — yummy! $5/pint
5. Universale Pale: the intergalactically world famously tasty ale that begat the Empire of Fremont Brewing Co., $4/pint.
6. Interurban IPA (Draught or Cask): Our eminently drinkable session-style IPA, with Chinook, Centennial, and Cascade hops. $4/pint. (Cask $5/pint)

This was our second visit to the Urban Beer Garden, and Malti’s (our newest family member) first brewery visit. Although she barked at the other dogs when she fisat saw them, she did pretty well, enjoying all the attention from the kids and the belly full of treats.

Joining us for the evening were Dave, Mandy, and Link who were on their third stop of an Urban Beer Hike. We  met a few of their friends and had stimulating conversations about our beer adventures, past and future. Most of the attention though was paid on the four legged ones, Link giving hi-fives for treats, and Malti doing her best to look cute.

LushC began the evening with a Solstice Pale Ale, and followed it up with a Little Woody. The Solstice was a nice golden color with a thin white head, and well carbonated. It had a piney hop aroma, a sweet malt flavor, followed by a strong piney hop finish. LushC liked it, thinking it was well balanced and enjoyable. The Little Woody was amber in color with a thin white head. My opinion was that had a sharp, tingly initial taste that mellowed to a nice floral hop and slight oak finish. LushC thought it was nice that the Oak was not overpowering and once again enjoyed this offering from Fremont Brewing.

I went straight for the Nitro Universale Pale, followed by Cask IPA, and then another Nitro. The Nitro Universale Ale was amber in color, with a thick creamy head and a mild hop aroma. It had a nicely balanced malt and hop flavor, with a lingering floral hop finish. It was very smooth and drinkable, a very nice session beer, very reminiscent of Hales Cream Ale. The Cask IPA was a cloudy light orange, with a thin white head. The aroma was sweet and citrusy. It was sweet and peppery with a citrus hop finish. More carbonated than you’d expect in a cask conditioned ale, but overall a very good beer.

After a few hours of hanging out it was time to go. The Urban Beer Garden was just the prescription I needed to remove stress from the crazy work week. I encourage every beer lover to stop by, grab a beer or two, and relax.



Malti's first brewery - by DraughtE - 2010

Malti's backup, had to stay and protect the home

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FTC Info: GoodBeerTrips není spojen s Fremont společnost vaření. Preclíky byly zdarma, ale pivo koupil GoodBeerTrips. (GoodBeerTrips is not affiliated with Fremont Brewing Company. The pretzels were free, but the beer was purchased by GoodBeerTrips.)

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  1. April 20, 2010 2:47 pm

    Great article! Thanks! No Twitter address? We’re @fremontbrewing

    Sara, Co-Owner, Chief Strategist

    • DraughtE permalink*
      April 20, 2010 3:15 pm

      You’re welcome. We really like what you are doing there. Yes, there is a twitter address, just Good Beer Trips, I guess I should add a link to it.



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