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Georgetown Brewing – Seattle, WA (Bob’s Brown Edition)

May 15, 2010

Georgetown Brewing Company’s retail shop was buzzing with excitement when I stopped in after work yesterday. The reason for all the commotion was the 2010 Release of Bob’s Brown Ale. I was expecting a line, but was able to walk right up to the counter and order my four growlers of Bob’s and a couple of 2010 shirts. After paying up, I was given my free sample of the sweet brown nectar, and I joined the rest of the packed house in sampling this fine Beer.

They are located in the original Malt House of the old Seattle Brewing and Malting Company, the original brewers of Rainier Beer, in the heart of the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. They are a production brewery most know for their Manny’s Pale Ale which can be found in just about every bar in Seattle. In their retail store they sell kegs of all sizes and growlers to go, offer free samples of their beer (Manny’s, Roger’s Pilsner, Chopper’s Red, Super Chop, 9lb Porter), and have t-shirts , hats, and sweatshirts for sale. Their staff is super friendly, and always makes sure you get a sample or two or three. If you come to Seattle, make sure you stop by, or at least try one of their beers when you or out.

Bob and Bob

To help celebrate this special day our friends Bob and Shirley (from Vancouver, BC) came down. We joined up with WineyS to find Bob some Bob’s. Since the weather was beautiful, we wanted to go somewhere with a view. Off the list of establishments with Bob’s Brown Ale, we decided to go to Ivar’s Acres of Clams on the Seattle Waterfront. At first we thought we may need to leave, as when we asked for our Bob’s, the waiter said they didn’t have it and offered up an alternative Brown Ale. Reluctantly, he double checked for us and came back and told us we were correct (of course we were). We ordered up four pints and a glass of wine for WineyS. When the drinks arrived we toasted the evening and everyone enjoyed their Bob’s (or wine). Dinner was nice, although pricey, and the conversation was excellent.

After dinner, we headed over to the West Side so show Bob and Shirley Alki Beach. Oops, this may not have been the best idea. The kids and cruisers were out and traffic was stop and go through the heart of Alki. Once we cleared the traffic, we continued along Beach Drive which offered many great views of the sound, and a nice sunset.

We eventually landed at WineyS’s humble abode, where the Damn Dane was finally home after a long week of traveling. I brought up one the growlers of Bob’s and we sat and enjoyed more of this fine beer. After a little bit, we were all getting tired, and needed to rest up for the Good Beer Hike 5K. LushC, who was the hero of the evening and opted for water instead of more beer, and I then drove Bob and Shirley back to their hotel.

Now, we wait the 364 days until the next release of Bob’s Brown Ale. Good thing I have a few growlers to get me by for a few weeks.



FTC Info: I received one free sample (about 4 ounces) of Bob’s Brown Ale. Other than that everything else was paid for.

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