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Guest Tap: Issaquah Brewhouse – Issaquah, WA

June 16, 2010

Our NW spring 2010 has been quite wet, but Sunday the 13th was a beautiful day to take the family out hiking. I could go on about the hike, but this is a beer blog and I had better focus on what is important. We stopped in to the Issaquah Brewhouse (Rogue) for a couple beers and a snack. I have always been a fan of the Issaquah Brewhouse and Rogue beers. Rogue always has a very wide variety of beers and the Issaquah Brewhouse makes a few house beers as well. My first offering was an old favorite “Dead Guy Ale”. Inspired after a Maibock, it has a strong malt body and a snappy hop finish. I think this beer could be a big seller in NW brewpubs if people knew what it was…I think the hoards of IPA fans would find this a very good beer. As our snacks came (got some tots and chicken strips….no laughing here) and my daughter was off in the pub playing legos, I asked for the Gold medal winning Rye IPA (a beer brewed in house), they were out but the server suggested a Red IPA. The beer did not disappoint, it had a classic malt nose and a nice hoppy finish, exactly what I expected.

Now…sorry to rant a bit, but as a reviewed my bill, I noticed that they charged 5.50 for each beer. 5.50? REALLY? The beers were standard strength, in a standard sleeve (16oz pint). How can I justify the post hike beer to my wife if they are going to charge 5.50? I shrugged and offered my card and my WABL passport to the server…she said “oh, I will apply your discount” I learned today that WABL members get a 75 cent discount on beer. Pleasantly surprised, I left the establishment quite happy and relieved. I still like the Issaquah Brewhouse….as long as I get a discount.



FTC INFO: As you can tell from the post, Shaqfeasel purchased his beer and meal, and received nothing for free.

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  1. June 17, 2010 6:36 am

    I didn’t know about the WABL passport discount. This makes me more likely to visit again sometime. I like the pub, but I agree that their beer is overpriced. I contacted them about this some time ago and received a very vague and unsatisfying response.

    • DraughtE permalink*
      June 17, 2010 7:42 am

      I didn’t know about the WABL discount either. You can also join the Rogue Nation and get a similar discount.

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